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Are you ready to change your body for a lifetime not a season? Do you want solutions that can change your body in every way?

The Fitness Craze is for you! We engage the mind AND body to achieve ultimate success.



  1. Develop a faster, stronger, and more explosive swing …
  2. Improve performance on the green, distance control, and accuracy …
  3. Maintain and improve flexibility …
  4. Reduce the chance of golf-related injuries …

Meet Kim and Mel Royster

Kim and Mel Royster are the founders of The Fitness Craze. We have been in the fitness industry for over 30 years. We have dedicated our lives to helping others achieve health, happiness, and accomplish goals they felt unreachable. Our system is like no other found in the industry today. We have the secrets for success and want to share them with you.

Kim and Mel - The Fitness Craze